"Preserving the Past, Promoting the Future Producing In the now for the future of the Champagne Miniature Dilute"

Brief History Miniature Champagne


The common ancestor for all champagne horses appears to have been the Saddlebred or the horses used to produce the original Saddlebreds. Analysis of the champagne gene and surrounding “markers” indicate there was just one mutation to champagne - so all known champagnes are believed to have descended from the same horse. The gene has not been traced before the mid 1800’s, so it is quite likely the original mutation occurred around that time - or was very rare in the population if it occurred earlier.

   The champagne gene seems to have originated in full sized horses. We have no evidence to suggest the gene exists in any of the purebred pony breeds. The gene has been introduced into the miniature horse through downsizing, and there are quite a few representatives in that breed. The first known champagne American Miniature Horse, Hidden Meadows Grulla, was born in approximately 1974.
The main champagne line in the Miniature Horse comes from Dell Teras Hippy (who also sired cream dilutes), which generally runs through Pine Trees Bonus.  

There are lines to Bond Bit O Luck, Hemlock Brooks Silk Lady, Hidden Meadows Grulla, Seven CS Cotton Candy, Strange Brew, Tribbles Poncho (who has been exported to Australia), and Tribble’s Sugar.


        This is the most Current list of champagne lineages provided by Carolyn Shepard founder/owner of ICHR in 2016.

  •  Hidden Meadows Grulla
  •  Dell Teras Hippy
  • Seven CS Cotton Candy
  • Tribbles Poncho
  • Bond Bit O Luck
  • Miss Cherokee (who is not a Mini, but some descendants are)
  • Hemlock Brooks Silk Lady
  • Strange Brew
  • NFCS Warcountess (not proven - just a possible)
  • Tribble's Sugar
  • Trotting Brook Carmella
  • PV's Buckskin Lady

Information above can be found within the article written by Carolyn Shepard (ICHR) publish 06/2010