Meet Our Members and Champagne Breeders 

This page provides current members and dedicated champagne breeders.

The page will be a work in progress over the next few weeks will be uploading all current owners/breeders in alphabetical order with links for contact information, websites, facebook pages and other social media sources. Your patience with this process is appreciated.  Renée M Boyd

Dos Palmas Miniature Horses

Mary Ann Withers

Location: Perkins, Georgia USA

Home of Dot T Diamond Diamonte

I am passionate and love spending time with all the horses, the joy of this life chosen from foaling and watching foals grow is like no other. Being a long-time breeder of appaloosa, splash white with dilutes of champagne dun, cream and silver. 

 Finding Kohlmans Falabella Little Prince in 2009 was a start to something unbelievable. Prince gets all the credit! he was my start of the champagne dilute journey and my love of the champagne dilute. He will forever be my little push to keep me going watching all his prodigy grow and carry on his legacy as he crossed the rainbow bridge. He was and still is a special little horse and Dos Palmas will always be Home of Prince 
My love of the horse is the driving force for my goals set and for the continuation to produce small, correct beautiful headed foals with an array of patterns and diluted color. If you are seeking small horse with head turning color, correct conformation, beautiful head and with loving personable attitudes contact me for more information.

Elevage Del Aube & Edapas 

Aube Nathalie & Charlene

Location: Octon, France 

Home Of Dos Palmas Bubbly Dream

 Quite a few years ago, the desire to have miniature horses was huge, so that our daughter, who was afraid of big horses, would regain her confidence. We started with miniature Shetland ponies, we still have them of course. When the first foal crop was born and we gave them our name "Aube". 

  Our herd was growing, and so did our dream of also having American Miniature Horses. We love these two lineages of minis breeding them together has given us pretty foals which take finesse and looks of both breeds.  

 We arranged the trip to the USA in order to import miniature horses with good conformation and genes that are rare in Europe, in order to specialize in a color orientated breeding program. In the USA our chance meeting with Mary Ann Withers and her farm "Dos Palmas Miniature Horses" allowed us to make our dream a reality allowing us to move forward to place together our program of the miniature champagne horse, with the purchase of Dos Palmas Bubbly Dream, Dos Palmas Chateau Lafite and Dos Palmas The Libertine.

 Breeding is above all our passion, watching each birth to observing the genetics of colors produced, champagne, cream, silver, and all other color genetics that our horses possess is pure magic! Watching our foals grow and evolve into good little versatile horses, in their work in mediation, driving, long reins, jumping, mountain trail, show or simply for the joy of their wonderful new families.  Miniature horses bring do much  joy to our lives.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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Hillard Horses-to-Hug 

Susan & Harry Oberg

Location: Evanston, Wyoming USA

Home Of HHH Little Champagne Buckeroo

 Hilliard Horses-to-Hug is a small family farm. We maintain an average of 20 miniature horses and usually have several show quality foals for sale each year, with a few that would make wonderful pets and occasionally some mature mares. 

  Our main focus is on the breeding and foaling, so we do very little showing. But we love it when those who purchase our babies choose to show them! 

  The bloodlines represented in our herd include: Bar Bar E, Chianti , Vant Huttenest, Soats, Buckeroo, Orion Light Vant Huttenest, Shadow Oaks, Little America, Solheims, King Larigo! 

  Our goal has been to breed little horses with excellent conformation and superb temperaments in tiny, colorful packages; specializing in Appaloosa , Pinto, and Champagne coloring, with beautiful dishy heads. We started 34 years ago and are reaching more of our goals every year. 

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Three Arrows Champagne Acres

Renée and Alan Boyd

Location: New Cumberland, West Virginia  USA

Home Of Dos Palmas The Resistance 

 Twenty Three years Three Arrows Champagne Acres (TACA) has been striving to Preserve, Promote and Produce Champagne dilutes with correct type and conformation, quality minded individuals that would succeed in any area, from the show ring, driving course as well as within a family unit. TACA  horses are recorded in the AMHR, AMHA and International Champagne Miniature Horse & Pony Registry stud books.  

 Over the past years while utilizing the foundation champagne lineage with the present miniature lineage, also having blended Shetland lineage into our foundation stock mares. With this decision we have produced both classic Arabian type as well as the keeping the AMHR/AMHA foundation stock type miniature in place.

We are here to answer any questions you may have or email us to schedule a visit.

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Wild Chicks Miniature Horses

Haley and Kathy Shearer

Location: Southwestern Pennsylvania USA

** Lifetime ICMH&PR Members **

 At Wild Chicks we are wild about exotic coloration & uncommon patterns! 
We breed quality, registered miniature horses, specifically focusing on Appaloosas, Pintos, & Pintaloosas in a rainbow of colors! Small focus on Cream Dilutes & Champagnes too! 
  Imprinting and Natural Horsemanship from birth help us to produce horses with a solid foundation and great temperaments for a bright future of disciplines such as driving, showing, performance, therapy, breeding stock, or lovable family pets. 

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