Registration Information

"Preserving the Past, Prompting the Future Producing In the now for the future of the Champagne Miniature Dilute"

We will accept registrations via email and or mail, when emailing documents please be sure to place in subject line "REGISTRATION"  

all transfers and updated certificates will need to be physically mailed.

Payments will be accepted online via PayPal or Check can be mailed.

Color coat testing is requirement.

  1. Please understand testing is available and reasonable we need not guess or research lineage any longer.
  2. Champagne (only) color testing is required on all new registration applications (foal or adult) No Exceptions.
  3. Registration application can include white pattern & other dilutes. If any are circled please provide testing results. If these results are not provided a basic  champagne and pinto and/or appaloosa (if applies) will be place on certificate. 
  4. If you have other genetic testing completed to be included on your certificate, please include results with your application, transfer or request to update your  certificate. There will be no charge to place the results on your certificates. 

Digital photos are Preferred.  

Please be sure the photos are at least 3" (width and/or height) or larger, resolution must be 300 pdi or higher. 

All photos can be emailed or placed on a disk and mailed.

Photos to provide with registration application:

  1. Left and Right sides view please be sure entire horse is within photo.
  2. Front and Hind view  
  3. Straight on head view (fore top pulled aside) with full view of markings (if this applies)
  4. Close up color of eye. (optional) 
  5. Please include 5 generation pedigree as well as any copies of registration certificates horse is recorded. (does not apply for grade Miniature horse or pony)

Current photos are required with all transfers & updated certificates

  1. Left and Right sides view please be sure entire horse is within photo.
  2.  Front and Hind view.



         Registration Type               Member Fee                Non-Member Fee

Weanling                                $20.00                         $30.00

Yearling                                   $30.00                         $40.00

2 & 3 yr old                             $40.00                          $50.00

             4 yr old and up                        $50.00                          $60.00             

Geldings any age                      $30.00                         $40.00

Transfer (within 12 months)     $20.00                        $30.00

Transfer (after12 months)         $40.00                         $50.00

*Update Certificate                    $10.00                         $20.00

                                                             Duplicate  Certificate               $20.00                         $30.00                                                            


Standard Rush Fee         $30.00

***The rush will insure the work order is first priority, being address within 5 business days of receipt. 

Please insure all documents to proceed are submitted with application, missing documents will cause delays.


All Payment are to be made in US Funds.

Methods of payment Paypal and Checks

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