Welcome to the Home of the International Champagne Miniature Horse & Pony Registry.

 "Preserving the Past, Prompting the Future Producing In the now for the future of the Champagne Miniature Dilute"

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We are excited with the opportunity to continue with the miniature horse data base provide by the International Champagne Horse Registry.  I am very humbled to be able to continue as the registrar for the miniature horse and pony champagne dilutes and working for each of the owners/breeders in the future. 

    1. All horses recorded in the ICHR are now recorded into the ICMH&PR stud book.
    2. Registration numbers assigned by ICHR will follow the horse into the ICMH&PR studbook
    3. Horses that are registered ICHR will have an option to update to a new certificate for a reasonable fee.
    4. Upon transfer of the ICHR registered horse said animal will be issued an ICMH&PR certificate, A copy of the ICHR certificate will be provided per request of owner.
    5. Member and Non-member options for registration transfers etc.

  •  Carolyn Arcey Shepard founder/owner/operator of the International Champagne Horse Registry whom over many years research and recorded our miniature champagne lineages with so much heart, hard work, many sleepless nights, frustrating dead ends, all her work researching found the beginning of our miniature champagne lineage. We will forever be thankful for her hard work and dedication and continue her vision. 

     For more information and research of the champagne dilute, Visit the International Champagne Horse Registry, there is a wealth of information available within the pages. (logo is linked):


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